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Dr. Carl Le Roux and Cindy Smith truly believe by working with the 3 minds (conscious, unconscious, Higher Consciousness) and the physical body this program will be life changing for you. The overall premise of this process is, as the Practitioner flows Archangel Raphael’s Healing Energy to a cellular level for your body to receive; the practitioner states words for you to repeat aloud. The focus allowing the 3 minds to work together which includes your free will and ego and encourages congruency within to truly receive and believe in the Powerful Healing of Archangel Raphael and the Divine.

Dr. Carl Le Roux & Cindy Smith, AEP

Check out the video introduction about energy therapy from Cindy Smith and Dr. Carl Le Roux as well as some of our AEP Hands on Healing Practitioners.

What They Say...

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"I went to see Dawn for a number of issues both in the physical and emotional areas of my life. My main physical concern was back pain.  For the last decade it has been so bad that in the mornings I could not get out of bed and do anything without first taking 10-15 minutes

Shanna Practitioner Dawn Gibbons September 11, 2015

More Testimonials

Testimony - Jenny

I don’t even know where to start. Until I discovered the power of Angel Empowerment Hands on Healing it was like willingly walking around with a blindfold and shackles on 24/7 without knowing I could have removed them all along. The power that this program has given me is simply beyond measure. I went from thinking I was sentenced to a life of pain and suffering, always wasting away on the couch just waiting for the pain to disappear.  So much time was wasted until I was blessed with participating in Hands on Healing. Now I’ve broken free of the depression, pain and suffering as well as the negative mindset that accompanies feeling this way all the time. My brain and thinking as well as talking have been completely rewired and I am no longer couch bound all day almost every day completely thanks to this program.

I had settled with the idea that I would be stuck in this rut with bad health for the rest of my life and I am only 26. I had gone to countless doctors appointments and specialists and been prescribed many medications, some of which have caused serious side effects. I was so defeated, tired and frustrated and I was sure there was no answers for me to be found ever. I thought I was stuck this way permanently.

Then along came the Hands on Healing program, an energy healing approach. And it was like removing this heavy, painful, and depressing blindfold and shackles along with countless other negative aspects in my life. Every cobweb of negativity and bad health has been swept out of my life. My health, in this short time, has improved 100% compared to before I started it. I have now been equipped with every tool I have ever needed to heal myself and it couldn’t have come to me sooner. I am beyond grateful to Gail for showing me there is more to life and for bringing me out of the fog and giving me the crystal clear vision I so desperately needed. I don’t know what I could ever do for someone who has given me my life back when I was sure I was a goner. A true Earth Angel. All I can say is I recommend it to anyone and everyone who tells me of any ailment they might have. I have my life back, and what’s more I now know I always have my team to back me up. I receive signs and constant confirmation now that my eyes have opened and I am always more and more amazed with the power I have and with the power of my all mighty and beyond amazing team of Angels!! All my love and forever thanks to Gail for giving me the power to take control of my life!!


Practitioner: Gail Stoyko