How to become an Angel Empowerment Practitioner Hands on Healer.

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To become an Angel Empowerment Practitioner Hands on Healer you must first complete the Angel Empowerment Practitioner Course that is taught by Cindy Smith AEP.  After that you must take the Angel Empowerment Practitoiner™ Hands on Healer course which is taught and facilitated by Cindy Smith AEP & Dr. Carl Le Roux.

How will being certified as an AEP™ assist you?
Become a certified Angel Empowerment Practitioner™ (AEP™) and learn how to heal and connect with the angels. Cindy has blended her learnings together to create a well balanced Angel Empowerment tool box! Take this certification for your personal development or use it as an opportunity to put new skills in to effect to enhance your spiritual, healing, counselling or energy based business.

  • You will develop and enhance your intuitive abilities.
  • Open and Trust in your own natural psychic and healing power.
  • Gain practical skills with other students.
  • In the process Cindy will teach you all Doreen Virtue has taught her and much, much more!

Some key skills taught are: how to do professional angel card readings, chakra clearing, working with Archangels, Aura work, energy cord cutting, basics of mediumship, past life healing and more!

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How will being certified as an AEP™ Hands on Healer assist you?

  1. When I (Cindy Smith AEP) was given this insight by Archangel Raphael, I said NO at first, and then I was given a vision of Carl. I am in gratitude that Carl has welcomed the idea with an open heart! AEPHealingOtherwise, I would never have taken on this aspect of healing in the physical without Carl’s partnership of knowledge and intuitive ability. Dr. Carl Le Roux is a family physician and a fellow AEP™.
  2. Carl and I truly believe by working with the 3 minds (conscious, unconscious, aumakua) and the physical body this program will be life changing for people. Basically we are talking to all minds as we allow Archangel Raphael to flow his healing, and clients are repeating what we are saying out loud for them.
  3. The symptom will be presented to us as the practitioner and we use all of our AEP™ tools (cord cutting, past life healing, energy ball releasement, belief system change, etc.) to remove the energy being stored in the physical body. We will never diagnose! WE will use our intuitive connection with Angels to trust what techniques to use.

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